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Nowadays some shoe manufacturers are trying to reduce the cost of footwear by using cheaper materials in order either to increase production or to target middle market. Therefore, when buying shoes, you should pay special attention to the materials the shoes are made of. Here are some tips how to check the quality of shoes.

Choose a place where to buy shoes

Do you want a new pair of shoes to serve you as long as possible and not cause discomfort while wearing? Of course, it is better to buy such shoes in a specialized shoe stores. Be ready to pay a higher price, but you will always be sure that your shoes are original, not fake. True, Clarks shoes or Timberland shoes aren’t cheap, but they are worth it. Cheap shoes as a rule will quickly become unsuitable for wear because of violations of the technology and replacement of natural materials with artificial ones. If you are not ready to pay twice, it is necessary to carefully check the quality of footwear before buying it.

Shoes must have good form

The front part of a shoe should exactly repeat the shape of it, without folds or creases, etc. If you want to check the quality of the leather, and at the same time the comfort of a shoe, you should try to bend it, bringing the toe to the heel as close as possible. If you can do it the shoes promise to be comfortable when walking. Pay attention to the fold, inevitably formed when walking. Small folds are acceptable, but if there are large ones, you should know that it will inevitably lead to a rapid loss of an attractive look. If you doubt whether folds can quickly smoothen, you can bend the shoe several times: there should be no traces on the leather. If you pick high quality footwear like Clarks shoes, you will see that the leather is smooth with no folds on it.

Rub the surface of the leather with your finger on different parts of the shoes

Quality leather should not leave traces of cream, wax, etc. on the hands, in other words, the shoes that you hold in your hands, should not make them dirty.

Do not choose too soft or too thin leather. Shoes made of very soft and thin leather will quickly lose its original shape. You can press on the shoe with your finger. The natural leather will be slightly folded. The thickness of the leather should be from 0.8 to 1.2 mm. If it is thinner, the lifespan of these shoes is very short, so they won’t serve you for a long time. Thicker skin is also not the best option because it is less elastic and can crack quickly. The quality of color can be assessed by wiping the shoe with a damp finger, which must remain clean. It's also good to get your shoes wet. If there are spots on the surface of the leather when it gets wet, it means that it is not suitable for the autumn-winter season. And, finally, if there is fur in shoes or boots, try to pull it. In poor-quality shoes, fur will easily come off.

Thoroughly inspect the shoes from inside. Take out the insole and check if the heel is well nailed (there should be at least 5 nails and one screw in the center), and whether the sole is glued or sewn.

It is also worth considering the quality of the seams, which will tell a lot about shoes. The seams on the shoes must be flawlessly straight and well made.

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